25 July 2015

Blog Update

Extended blog break or not...posting helps keep browser search rank fresh.
This extended blog break for me means not constantly thinking blog 24/7.

My favorite fabrics are pictorial. I'd love to know what mill makes the fabric in the photo. Its a remnant I acquired years ago that now covers a vintage maple framed ottoman. If you know who makes it, then please let me know.

 The corn husks are still drying. They are becoming paler and paler, losing that most delicate green hue I am determined to reproduce in a cotton or cotton rayon blend shirt (to sew). I'm calling it green amethyst after one of my favorite stones. Prasiolite/green quartz/vermarine is heat treated to become green amethyst, according to Wikipedia.

Paint, crafts, and writing are my focus on this break. I love spiral notebooks and index cards. The weekly minimum is three story ideas, some names, words, dialogue, and titles between the writing. Out of dozens of lame titles with only a few (or one) that might shine isn't a problem. Thinking is the reward. The brain has a lot of fun thinking for the fun of it.

Have a Happy Week!


  1. Oops. My bad. Sorry.
    The info post I deleted about the Google glitch. It wasn't a Google glitch. I figured it out because if Google keeps insisting the website is live, then that means it is live, as in an account open somewhere. With that clue, I hunted and found the problem.

  2. From Jeri....Hi, on your posts below... That is wonderful fabric, I too am drawn to this type of pictorial material. You often see it on the draperies and furniture in old English Manor homes and it is mesmerizing. The fabrics and wallpapers from William Morris is similar. The cornhusks: I used to make cornhusk dolls by the dozen. I loved making them. Perhaps this fall I will do a "how to" post.

    Thank you for your comment. My apologies I deleted the post with it there because the post was an error. A duh on me moment.

  3. Dear Maywyn- that I'd gorgeous fabric. It is amazing. Your corn husks are certainly drying nicely too. Be sure to enjoy blogging break.

  4. Hi Debbie,
    It has been enjoyable even with posting lately.

  5. Hi Maywyn,enjoy your break, love to you, Diana

  6. Hi Diana,
    I love your Asian garden watercolors. I look forward to seeing more.


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