08 July 2015

Something About Me: Nail Polish

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In the warmer sandal wearing seasons, I prefer to paint my own natural toenails ( no false nails for me ever). However, this year twice, I went bare nails to see how it feels. Nothing. I walked normal. No stumbling, no tears, nothing of note. That's the difference between an obsession and a preference.

For color, my top favorites are pearly over opaque, silver glitter over gold, clear not vibrant coral, pale pink, and white. Loréal's Satin Sheets (photo) is a perfect near translucent pearl white that allows the natural color of your nails to show through if you apply one layer. I like to paint the moons of my fingernails with a tiny dab of silver glitter even when there is no color on the entire nail. Using a pearl polish enhances the glitter effect. The silver glitter on your toes and fingers is like a tiny shiny dew drop cheer me up.
Although I wear make-up, I'm not a big make-up use the latest product enthusiast, and that is also true for nail polish until this last year. Now, I'm looking at darkest navy, black and aubergine nail enamel. Ooo me. And, I've tried glitter blue and a sage green. The next try is the light opaque pink I see in ads. Yes, I'm going for opaque. Daring.

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