29 July 2015

Heat Index

The air temperature combined with the percentage of humidity in the air determines the heat index that charts what the temperature feels like to the human body. A high heat index should be taken seriously. Its the like the cousin of the wind chill factor. The human body cools by perspiring. When the humidity is high the body can't cool as well. When its hot, look at humidity AND temperature!

For example, if the air temperature is 90ºF + 70% Humidity = 105ºF heat index danger zone
Add full sun and/or hot wind, then the heat index increases according to the NOAA Heat Safety Tips.

Being out in the hot sun for a length of time, high heat index or not, you can also suffer from heat exhaustion.

When I go out when its hot, I have a cooler bag with ice packs in the car just in case. Add hand towels in a plastic bag in the cooler to put on the back of my neck when needed. When walking, I have an ice pack in a plastic bag in my backpack. Even with all the precautions, I try to limit being out in hot weather. And I always keep water with me.

Know the signs of heat exhaustion
Heat exhaustion can be dangerous!

Ready.gov Extreme Heat

 Think of your pets as well

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