07 July 2015

Browsers, Laptop, Glitches

Why I don't like Chrome:
Memory Hog; Google Update memory hog (Update...there is a way to shut off auto updates)
Opening page is ugly. No search box on opening page/Searches are a hassle
(Update...set up Chrome page for Home icon to always be there, etc. Open Chrome the next day...and its gone. Now selecting Never Remember History shouldn't do that.)

Crow cooling off in the shade, digital photo

-Why I don't like Mozilla:
Plugin shut off...meaning important live stream unable to view! Had to quick download Chrome.
Plugin was a problem. Now, its more of a problem.

-I had Opera a few years ago. I was impressed. Thought it was neat until I found a weird glitch. Never went back

-Internet Explorer...Used it for years. Then, read about safety issues, like how it stores history on IE from other browsers I use. Began using Mozilla.

-Laptop IE doesn't open, a not responding.
Will Not buy another Acer (once a favorite) laptop. Less than a year using it, the touch pad stops working after about ten or twenty minutes into turning it on. Have to use mouse to get unstuck. Then, Acer portal won't open. Downloads won't download. Click the Windows icon freezes up system. Ctrl+Alt+Del to log off is the only way to get unstuck. No apparent reason. Shut down system sometimes the problem goes away. All might not be the laptop, but they are where they are.

-Glitches in my estimation should be less as technology improves. Maybe that will be true when I buy an Apple.


  1. Ah Maywyn - I hear you my friend. Seems like with all this modern technology the glitches would be gone by now but unfortunately they still remain. I use Chrome for my browser - seems to give me less troubles. Hope you have a great day. Love your crow photo.

    1. Hi Debbie,
      There was a flock of crows making a racket! It took time in the bright sun to find them in the dark shade.
      I'm back trying Chrome. Finally found where to change the homepage.


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