22 June 2015

Looking Out, Looking In at Summer

Stratocumulus & Cirrus cumulus Clouds
The clouds this morning felt like they could be touched. Coffee in one hand, while grabbing a bit of firmament for breakfast with the other. Yes, there is rain in the forecast, but until then the sky is all day dream worthy.

I see a bear looking at the trees on the right, the snout of a badger on the left, and a huge smiling fish in the center. June is almost in the past. July is giddy to begin. Summer reading lists fuel the imagination. And  in the sky, there are stories to dream about.

On the ground summer suggestions:
  • Review passwords and settings
  • Learn something new about the Internet World 
  • Update the summer reading list
  • Make friends with at least one junk drawer to build a better relationship
  • Make and finish at least one craft project
  • Discover a wine that is about Me
  • Learn to make gluten free sweet potato bread
  • Work on making better bisquits
  • Learn to spell biscuits
  • Discover more music to paint by
  • Learn about photography
  • Write my own bio (ugh)


  1. Dear Maywyn- gorgeous photo. Is it only artists who see things in the clouds? I know I spend time finding special animals and faces in the clouds. Great past time. Looks like a wonderful list of things to accomplish this summer. Have a great week.

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Thank you. A great week to you as well
      Your corn in Ohio is looking good.


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