05 June 2015

A Bit of Lines & Rembrandt

Self-portrait, Rembrandt 1630, etching & burin, Wikiart.org
Reading the book about Rembrandt by Himself , edited by Christopher White and Quentin Buvelot, National Publications Ltd., London, 1999, I had a thought...Wouldn't it be nice if the new to me doodling style could be used to sketch like him.
A few years ago I began a quest to do my own self-portrait. I don't know what happened to the project. Its around here someplace.
The Old Master has several self-portraits with  facial expressions. The drawings and etchings have always interested me, marveling at how a bit of lines can create such a drawing.

All this from the realization my sketchbooks are too emtpy.

Are yours?


  1. Dear Maywyn- this self portrait of Rembrandt made me smile. I have only did one of myself years ago. Probably should try doing another one. Great practice for one's drawing skills. Yes not nearly enough sketching done. Hope to do more this year. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

  2. Hello Debbie,
    Happy Friday and a good week-end to you!
    Setting up for a self-portrait can include shopping for a mirror, clips and an extension arm to move it around. Or stand in front of the hall mirror.

  3. Funny you should ask...I just put my sketchbook out in plain sight on the porch! And first I was thinking, oh good, now I'm all ready for Drawing August (signing up to post a new drawing each day on twitter, if it happens again this year) and then I realized, hey, it's okay, I can even draw NOW if I feel like it!

    1. Hello Quinn,
      In plain sight + I feel like it = Success! Happy Drawing!


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