21 May 2015

Spiraea Vanhouttei

Spiraea vanhouttei, 2004

Spirea Vanhouttei, is also known as the the Bridal Veil shrub, a native to Japan and China. According to the (link above) the Missouri Botanical garden, this type of Spiraea is deer tolerant and attracts butterflies. They are stunning a border plant or alone left to their natural habit. Spiraea has many other species as well as hybrids of the plant you might like.

Vergennes Green 2004

The Spiraea vanhouttei on the corner of the Vergennes Green is my favorite. I've taken have pictures from the inside out for my photo library. This year's pruning, I believe, reduces it by half. Its going to be fun to see how it grows out again.

In the background is the MacDonough Monument that has spiraea on its four corners.


  1. Gorgeous Bush. Is it fragrant? Love the way it grows. Hope you have a wonderful day!

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Thank you. There are some that are fragrant. That one not so much. The really old large ones are magical.

  2. I think I have one of these going a bit wild along with another shrub that has ruffled golden-yellow flowers. Now you've reminded me that I need to figure out what both these shrubs are, instead of just "the white flower shrub" and "the yellow flower shrub"!

    1. Hi Quinn,
      Spiraea blooms in white, pink, red and yellow, and not all the stems, leaves and flowers are the same. Maybe yours are different colors of the same plant.
      Have great week-end


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