04 May 2015

Reflection Monday May 2015

Health. We can't live without it. Whatever age you are, this is the best moment to commit to healthy living. Train yourself to meditate, eat well, sleep well, exercise, be social.
Depression = inactive = weak and unhealthy. After such an episode it takes time to get back to a healthier you, including a focus on positive goals that are attainable. Keyword: Attainable. Yes, you could win the lottery, but the odds are 1 in over 200 million (MegaMillions).  If you must, then play your numbers for several draws to take more control over what can be a depressing cycle of disappointment.
Creating faux antlers with junk mail paper mache, old wire, tape, and glue is attainable. It also builds confidence...I made that...(add blushing). It also occupies your mind with positive personal power building thoughts....You are a winner!

This past year has been rough with a winter especially difficult. Thus, the fibromyalgia and depression leaves me aching more with heart palpitations bonus. Oh joy. Cardiology time, (everything checks out fine). Now for the cholesterol check. I don't look forward to it because inactivity can send one's triglycerides sky high.

Reflect on how healthy your lifestyle is. Do you eat, sleep, exercise and socialize well? If not, then explore why. Take a class. Read a self help book. Take action on being a positive influence in Your Life.

Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Awareness Month May 2015
If you don't have a dermatologist map your skin, then make an appointment when you are able. Have a partner check you back and scalp to complete your own map until you get to a doctor.

Happy Star Wars Day!


  1. Oh Maywin-I hope things will get better for you. You are right that it's good to take charge of one's health and make positive changes when needed. I am outside as much as possible, doing the hardest work I can handle. That's so good for me and makes me feel good in the head too! Besides my faith in God, being able to do things is my greatest help. I plan to get a lamp to help with light deprivation in winter time-this winter was a doozy for sure...

    1. Hello Debra,
      Thank you. Faith in God is a tremedous positive for a person. Being outside, I believe, helps a person sleep better.
      So far, so good with tests and such. Change in diet, cutting out 90%+ white flour, gluten, and sugar. I must have a bit of bread now and then. I also added flax and sunflower seeds. Every day (almost) I'm making salad insted of having cereal.

  2. Hello Maywin You pass on sage advice here on health both physically and mentally. All your suggestions are wonderful and it is so vital to remain positive and seek the company of those who are up lifting
    Hope your week is full of joy

    1. Hello Helen,
      Hope your week is full of good health, food, and joy as well.
      Thank you. Its been a go around worrying about small things. But then there's that acorn factor to deal with. lol

  3. May the Fourth Be With You!!! Have a happy, HEALTHY day, May! XOXO

    1. Hello Tanya,
      For sure I will be checking out cactus when I visit my favorite garden nursery.
      Maybe you can make one of your beautiful cactus photos into a poster on Zazzle of Cafe Press?


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