16 May 2015

Planning Photo Outings

Red Clover, Vermont State Flower
Wherever you are the flora has a cycle to go through each season. Selecting what and when you want to photograph is important, if you want those special pictures.

This season committing to a new way (for this blogger) of taking nature photographs, same views to capture seasonal changes, has not been easy. I didn't use a list to guide me. Passing a tree or particular location, thinking about it, didn't take the photo.

So here's the plan:

1. List of subjects and their location
2. List of landscapes and their features
3. Read about location geography and historical facts 
4. Read up on photographic techniques for the light, shadows, and such
5. Make an outing pack with extra memory cards, batteries, cameras, tissue, bug spray, sunblock, umbrella(s), and expandable folder to keep notes, schedule, and lists

Plan the outings after checking the weather report. Along your travels you might discover places you feel look fantastic in morning sunlight, when it rains, or has something else going on that's intriguing.

Happy Photographing!


  1. Dear Maywyn - this is a great list to follow. Now if I can just remember to take my camera with me! Seems like just when I see something stunning I have left it behind! Have a great week. Hugs!

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Have a great week yourself!


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