20 May 2015

Pecan Plus Eggs

Recent change in diet menu causes this blogger to make over the usual scrambled eggs with garlic powder. I'm surprised how much I like the light nutty flavor and texture.

Tada!...Pecan Plus Eggs

* Serves 1 person
In a small food chopper:
7-8 Pecans
1+/- Tablespoon dehulled sunflower seed
1 +/- Teaspoon flax seed
2-3   Shakes garlic powder (optional)
7-8  Curly parsley leaves
Chop together until fine

In a bowl
2 Eggs
Whip with a fork
Stir in well chopped ingredients
Cook as you usually do scrambled eggs
A heated oiled black iron skillet is my favorite method
~ Note, the sunflower seed flavor is above the pecan flavor. Adjust ingredients to your tastes.
* As with all new recipes you try, know the ingredients.
The ingredients are links to nutritional information.


  1. Wow never would have thought of putting pecans in scrambled eggs. Will be sure to give this a try!

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Its amazing the things one can think of when a change in diet is necessary. lol


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