08 May 2015

Flowers & Veggies!

Green pepper and vegetable flats
Spring is never spring without a trip ( a few) to my favorite garden nursery, Green Haven Gardens & Nursery on Route 7 (Ethan Allen Highway) in New Haven, Vermont. There are flats to big trees, mulch, top soil. I believe they are a full service garden nursery.

This year feels like there is more to chose from. There are smaller plants and larger plants. I prefer to start my herb garden with the smaller plant. The larger ones are great for display like a house move in ready. Only with basil and other herbs, the big ones are ready to eat.

Above, the hanging plants are stunning! I fell in love with all of them. The center ones remind me of  birthday cake they are so lovely. Perfect for a wedding  and Mother's Day.

I saw a flowering dogwood tree that's so gorgeous, its worth buying land just to plant it. Mother's also like trees.

The hanging lobelia is a heavenly light puffy cloud of prettiest blue that makes the choice between the center white and pink petunia arrangement difficult.

Mint. That's my basil on the lower left

I have to stop by the mint section even though there's no room to grow it here. A sturdy container is a consideration if I can fit one on my small deck space. I like to wash a fresh mint leaf to put in the bottom of a cup before I pour in hot coffee. A few stirs, and remove a light mint flavor.

Impatiens, begonia and other flowers

The shade cast by the hedgerow in the backyard  is no more. It was all removed during last year's renovation. Thus, full sun plants on my deck are required. Its an adjustment, but I still like to visit the shade plants. New Guinea Impatiens were a favorite of my mother who passed away in 2006. Over the years we often visited Green Haven to select  her favorite geraniums.

Wishing Mothers Every where many flowery dreams!

Which would you chose?

Not a sponsored post.
I'll take more photos the next visit.


  1. Hell Maywyn,
    The hanging lobelia would be my choice. You have a beautiful selection to choose from. Spring is a wonderful time, there is so much hope
    Have a wonderful weekend
    Helen xx

    1. Hello Helen,
      A wonderful week-end to you.
      I also chose the lobelia. Then I'd hunt down a birthday cake. :)

  2. Beautiful plants! I look forward to seeing your new approach to gardening this year!
    I am always very tempted by the glorious hanging baskets, but I always come home with a couple of little starter plants instead. Today I planted 3 of the 6 little pansies I bought last week at the feed store...now I need to find another planter to hold the other three :)

    1. Hello Quinn,
      Consider spray painting a terra cotta planter different colors.
      I'm breaking up a bench with two large planters on each end. Mint will go in one, and coffee chewing mint in a seperate planter (where squirrels can't, hopefully, dig up the soil or use it as a bathroom). A box to put the herbs will take some building. I had one years ago that ended up much too large. It looked like a casket in the backyard.
      Have a great week-end!

  3. Oh Dear can I have one of each. I guess if I had to choose it'd be the last one the impatiens. I know that will live here in the shade. We have mostly shade. I plant basil each year and it struggles to live but I'm so happy to enjoy plucking off a few leaves for sauces. Love and Hugs to you Maywyn, Diana

    1. Happy Mother's Day Diana!

      Summer isn't summer without basil and curly parsley plants. I grow them separate because parsley is a root hog.

  4. What a wonderful nursery! I would find it so hard to choose between those gorgoeus baskets......love the lobelia though! Must get myself some impatiens for the pots in our garden next week, I love the summery colours.
    Wishing you a good week ahead.
    Helen xox

    1. Happy Mother's Day Helen!
      A good week to you as well
      I'm doing a rerun of last week's plan. This time to finish all the tasks. :)

  5. Dear Maywyn - such fun to visit the nursery with you. They are always a favorite spot for me. The bad thing is I end up buying way too many plants and then needing a place to put them. All of the baskets are beautiful - especially that pink new guinea impatients. Thanks for letting me visit this special place with you.

    1. Hi Debbie,
      We have the same problem buying too much.
      Tonight there's a frost warning. Some plants are snug indoors and others are under the chairs.


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