04 May 2015

Flower Full Moon May 2015

2:59 AM 4 May 2015
Full Moon
Earth, North America Plate, Vermont
No tripod. At that hour of the morning, getting the screen door open at the same time the camera is on the right setting is full enough. (I chuckle.)
Note the dark spots are clouds passing by. They are too far away to hear me say, "Shoo!"

I'm confused where the clouds are exactly because the second photo is taken at the same time (2:59 AM). I'm guessing the wind is going toward the right of the photo.

What I personally like most about a full moon are the cloud formations and colors. Apologies the picture on the left isn't clear. The colors and shapes tell the story well enough to see what I'm talking about. This type of Moon photo almost commands a creative piece of mystery, imagery, magic, fantastical words woven into a future full of contentment.


  1. Maywyn - your photos are gorgeous. The last one is especially spectacular. Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a wonderful day.

    1. Thank you Debbie
      Have fun with the new puppy!


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