28 May 2015

Duh on Me Photography: Image Size

Remember my previous post, How Not to Be Afraid of the Fancy Camera? I've been working on  capturing the true maroon of the snapdragon.
On the FujiFilm Finpix F80 EXR Image Size > M, L and S with a few ratios to choose from is very easy to access. Unfortunately, I didn't write down which photos are on what setting before the editing. Uh.
There is good information online that explains the difference between the image sizes. Not so much here as I post about my learning journey.

In the second photo (left), the bottom two blooms are the color of the flowers. I noticed in the light how deep the hue is, and rushed out to see if I could get a photo. I see a small photography notebook in my future where I write down what I discover/learn.

I do remember the setting on the marigold creates 4000 KB(kilobytes). The image is larger than the 3000KB (+/-) on the regular setting I use. The details are also more defined. I will use that setting again when I find it. I feel its all right to feel duh learning a camera, learning how to take good photographs. Reading more is now on the to do list.

The Black Locust trees are in bloom spreading their heavenly scent to the atmosphere. I took a small bit to do a botanical style drawing. The leaves like being in the water, but the blooms are still drooping. Tomorrow I'll take the fancy camera to the trees for close up pictures. And, I will write down what I learn.

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