07 May 2015

Changing Habits

There are habits that are good. In the age of technology, they can become established without notice. One day you realize hours spent there, could have been better spent elsewhere. Yet, television can be a companion, a reward, a voice in the silence, exercise for the brain, a (much needed) connection to the outside world...and then it can be a monster gorging itself on your time. Methinks its not good to spend more hours watching television than you do on activities that support your confidence.

Changing a room into a studio space has been a long held dream. I made the appointment to have the room's phone and cable outlets activated. I'm excited the project is finally going forward, new plan, but still moving foward.
Cable, Internet and phone bundles are expensive. I've wanted to break the habit of being forced into a package just to have a few favorite channels. No more marathon TV all day and night. Changing a bad situation into a good one is positive management of one's time.

Are you tethered to your television?


  1. I haven't ad a tv since,,,hmmm, maybe the early 90s? Not sure. Have never once missed it. But in the past three years or so, I've watched lots of now-old tv programs online, without ads, which has provided welcome distraction on nights when pain is keeping me awake. I also subscribed to NetFLix for a few months and watched MANY movies and programs, until I had had enough and cancelled. I haven't missed that, either.
    So no, I'm not tethered to a television. But my laptop is another story!

  2. Hi Quinn,
    LOL! Good to read you haven't been missing television. Its encouraging.
    I'm hoping I won't miss it as well. The more I think about it, the more I see creative ways to spend my time. I can create my own online viewing schedule. That sense of power is refershing.

  3. Yes I am. It's something I turned to this winter and now the habit is hard to break. I went years without one and felt gloriously liberated. I feel chained to this stupid thing...The computer is another story-I only have it on 3 days a week, and would go to one day if I didn't have an Etsy shop. That may go too, if I decide to get off all this stuff for good.

    1. Hi Debra,
      Finding a balance between computer and television isn't easy.
      TV can be depression's babysitter or for anyone in a slump, with the blahs.
      Your lovely craft and artwork takes time away from the techno world. That is a good. I encourage you to keep your Esty.com shop. Keep on !


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