06 May 2015

Catching Up to the Seasons

The Flower Moon, digital photo
Out with the summer, and pack away the winter clothes is a time of year when there's laundry and stuff strewn about. The process began yesterday to put away the cold weather wardrobe. More summer clothes are found, except for a few shirts. Where are they? And where are those red culottes I didn't wear last summer?
I grumble through checking plastic bins until the decision is stop, and close the closet door. That decision does not synchronize with the decision to remove my hand from the closet door frame where it just so happens the sliding door quickly closes. Ouch. Three of my left hand fingers are sore, stiff and still throbs sometimes. I'll live.
Alas! That doesn't stop me from checking on the Flower Moon. Sorry, the light didn't cooperate with my amateur photography skill. The scene in the photo is actually more blue, with a light cloud layer framing the Moon.

The project to create a writing and reading space is well on its way. Once the cable outlet is activated in the other room furniture placements will be finalized. Its exciting to have a new special place to create.

Do you have a special reading nook?


  1. It's a lovely photo-with lots of atmosphere-I think you did it well. We have a computer/game room, with a bass guitar (mine), a cigar box guitar (my Hubby's), and a Didgeriedoo (sp?). It's a wonderful small room with a small bookshelf full of some of my nature books. We have a beautiful old telescope on the old table in front of the window. It belonged to my Daddy-so it's very special.

    1. Hello Debra,
      Thank you.

      Daddy's telescope sounds wonderful! I've seen cigar box guitar on either Antique Road Show or America Pickers or both. They are fascinating. I didn't know you play guitar. Maybe you can play in one of your videos?


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