22 April 2015

Watercolor Ripples

Autumn Birches, watercolor
Looking back while searching  photographs to paint from, there are a few watercolors with more memories attached than others.
A similar painting hung near my grandmother's bed the last several years of  her life. I see this one and think of when she took me into Town (Boston) to shop for her Easter outfit. The yellows of the birches remind me more of forsythia, my favorite spring flower.
One year the fashion colors are true deep blue with lighter mid tone teals. Her dress is a sheath with matching coat, the style of the time circa 1962. Her hat is small felt darker blue with a swirl top. Shoes? She went back to try them on twice. The shoe store was across the street from Boston Common. Her feet scrunched into the stunning creamy deep blue leather with ribbon tie and flowers is so very obvious the concern in the store for the lengthy thinking about it could almost be bottled and sold. We both stare at the perfect pair on her feet as  if prayer will make them fit.  It is serious scientific shoe shopping...How far can one walk times the severity of pain equals buy or not buy? After all, a women doesn't want to slip them off during the church service to have her feet swell, and then not be able to get them back on. I'm fine, more time for special prayers...as the congregation leave.
I think of the blue hat and shoes sometimes, that bonding moment between generations. This is what women must learn to do...make difficult choices. I can imagine her helping me sort through my pictures to paint from, telling me...Paint what you want, Dear. They're all  nice. Oh, this one.

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