17 April 2015

Route 125 Vermont

Sunrise Along Route 125 Vermont

A morning sunrise along Route 125 in Vermont is spectacular in some places when the sunrise shines through April's bare branches. The first hand experience doesn't compare to the picture. This is one of those moments when a painting can (help) capture the grand moment when the heart perks up to Nature's beauty.

There is No safe place to set up for plein air painting for the landscape in the photo. Many places along Route 125 don't have a safe area to pull over for a stop. Safety First. The photograph must be taken by a passenger, not a driver. Route 125 requires 100% driver attention because it is narrow and winding with light that is often darkly shaded by the heavy forest and hills.
Spring is a fantastic time to get out for a photography road trip with a friend. Scout the journey first to determine the best light for the time of day you want. Safety First. A Map. Charged camera batteries, and tissue for the early morning chills in places where there is a rest area or places to safely park off the road. Take turns with the passenger so you both can take pictures...as passengers.
For early morning back road trips, Caution For Animals!


  1. GORGEOUS!!! Maybe you need a new perspective FROM the hill, for your Plein Air? Like sitting ATOP, looking out over the surrounding beauty? In any event, happy weekend my friend - XOXO

    1. Hi Tanya,
      Thank you.
      Its stunning to come arround the bend to see sunlight through the trees. I see burnt sienna in the evening, but not that vibrant in the early morning. The area is in the Green Mountain National Forest, lots of steep hills and trees on Rt 125 from East Middlebury to Hancock, VT. The mountain there is near the Robert Frost Interpretive Trail. I'll be blogging about that area early summer.


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