07 April 2015

Reflection Monday April 2015

On a Tuesday.
Yesterday felt like a holiday.
Today is starting out slow as the calendar comes into view with Monday's circles...Blog. Is it things or time that gets away? The sun this second begins to shine through the clouds. That's an answer...both.
Managing time and things is much easier and healthier when physical space is organized. This month will be finish the sorting month. Then a comfortable sit reflecting on why it took so long.


  1. Yeah - I think it's both, too! Love the photo - Happy Tuesday...hope you find some happy time tiday! XOXO

    1. Hi Tanya,
      Happy Tuesday to you!
      Happy time...Easter candy 50%v off. :)

  2. I had to let a lot of things slide this winter, and focus on getting absolute necessities taken care of. All that is going to change VERY soon, as the snow is melting and I can actually see patches of earth here and there. Once I can start moving things around (because they will no longer be buried or frozen in place) there will a LOT of things needing to be done ASAP :)

    1. Hi Quinn,
      With all the work you have taking care of your goats and Piper, a bit of slide is all right.
      Have a great week!

  3. I love the photo too. It's very mesmerizing, and reflects what you said about time.

    1. Hi Katherine,
      Thank you.
      I love your April 5th post, "Magic Stones," and your painted rocks. http://katherinejft.blogspot.com/

      The photos of sun through a glass of water are made on a large sheet of drawing paper before noon. Each glass design creates different shadows. Its a lot of fun taking the pictures, and adding other things to the picture.


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