18 March 2015

Solar Energy Panels, Wildlife and You

Chances are slim a baby squirrel will be in the backyard this year as the hedgerow is gone. The clear path to sun shinning where once there was (lots of) shade is wonderful! Despite all the snow, the amount of sunny days this winter feels above average. (Depression also above average for this blogger.)
On Christmas Day I put out a bird feeder given to me as a gift. To date, I've seen one sparrow and one squirrel there. Neither have returned, as evident by seed on the ground. The word I've heard is that birds don't like to be near solar panels. I see that for myself. If they don't like being out there, then is it good for humans? The bird feeder will be put away until next winter. The solar panels won't be.

Solar panel safety to humans is easy to research, methought. I type different keywords about bird feeders and solar panels. The first page results is either about solar bird feeders or solar farms burning birds. Risks and safety are mostly for workers and firefighters. I found an interesting article on eiwellspring.org worth reading if you're considering installing solar panels on your roof. It doesn't take long to realize the search is not an easy one, mainly, I believe, because search engines like retail and popularity above the actual subject. For specifics, one might be better using the Advanced search feature. There's a lot to read.

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