01 March 2015


One of my favorite plants is curly parsley. The flat leaf cilantro type doesn't have the same Earthy flavor.

This year is all about container gardens. Parsley is first on the list with basil next, then cool weather spinach, beets (for the greens) spring onions and a zucchini. I like grated zucchini salad.

A small salad garden can make a huge difference in grocery bills when managed to suit your gardening space.


  1. Dear Maywyn - Parsley is a wonderful herb...sad more folks don't know how beneficial it is. I put some in my nutri-bullet for vitamins and flavor. Hope you are staying warm. Hugs

  2. Hello Debbie,
    I love your bird feeder photos.
    I'm keeping busy making space for a craft table and painting area that's not in the way. The exercise doesn't require a sweater. :)

  3. Such a pretty green! Wish I could grow ANYTHING here! SIGH! Happy Tuesday - XOXO

    1. Hi Tanya,
      Have you tried creating a cool shady place? Happy Tuesday to You!


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