14 March 2015

Deer Silhouettes and Pattern Making

The deer silhouette on a top isn't finished, but I have chosen the top, finally as in I'm sure I won't change my mind again.

The top had a V center neckline I removed. The antlers looks better without it. I'll use iron on hem tape before sewing the edges with a similar shade of blue-green.

In addition to the fabric, I cut out silhouettes from a vintage wallpaper sample book to create an at home craft project. Since online selling became to popular years ago, it isn't easy to find sample books of wallpaper or fabric for a good price. I think I paid a dollar for the one I have that's been used for several projects.
Old Stone Mill by Brewster, Vintage Wallpaper

As a group, the herd is too busy in patterns, but might work as a solid color. To keep your work original and avoid any copyright issues ...Cut out a blank paper silhouette, and draw or paint your own own original pattern. Use photo editing to create other color and patterns.
Wallpaper-Old Stone Mill by Brewster is discontinued wallpaper circa 1980.

Draw your own animal silhouettes and explore pattern making. There is an excellent tutorial on Design Sponge for how to make repeat patterns.
The pattern can include more than one animal, trees, flowers, and designs. Check out Spoonflower.com for more ideas and a great place to see pattern making.


  1. i look those deer silhouettes cut out of wallpaper.

    1. Hi Hena,
      Animal silhouettes are a fun project for kids.
      They are easy, except for the cutting out detail on the antlers.

  2. Maywin-the blouse is beautiful-I love the color choices. It's going to be one of a kind when you wear it!

    1. Hi Debra,
      Thank you. I see on television a throw pillow with a deer silhouette that looks wonderful. They are a way of adding outdoors wilderness to decor.


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