24 March 2015

Art Day Trip Planning

Planning day trips within 100 miles, New England and Upstate New York needs focus. There are museums, hiking trails, farms, lakes, mountains, shopping, orchards, wineries, microbreweries, landscapes, and so on.
Focus: Art
Galleries, museums, places to paint and photograph
Focus: Theme
Bring the trips together via a theme. For example:
Never been there before? That's easy. This blogger rarely goes anywhere.
Places with low anxiety? That's easy. Wineries and microbreweries.
Re-focus: Art
Places to paint and photograph, museums, galleries and art shows.

Good planning resources are area publications. This morning searching keywords New England art news, this blogger found a few to read for location ideas.
It isn't long before the theme Marine Art comes to mind. However, the Atlantic Ocean is more than a hundred miles from here. For a week-end the coast is doable. For day trip, its not practical. Oh, Cyrl, my muse says...Isn't Lake Champlain water?  Yes, fresh water. Marine is salt water. Learning is a life adventure.

How are your summer travel plans going?


  1. Summer plans make us so happy but there is nothing yet on the horizon for me.
    Thanks for visiting,
    A hug, Olympia

    1. Hello Olympia,
      Your photographs of wildflowers, and the cat are outstanding. I smile every time I think of the cat snoozing in the meadow.
      Hugs to you. Have a great week!

  2. I'd like to visit every fiber mill within driving distance this year, for one thing. And I would like to visit or revisit many art museums and historical sites, too. And then I'd like to visit Britain for the first time...
    thank goodness for the internet.

    1. Hi Quinn,
      Fiber mills, the large brick buildings are castles of America. Many are renovated, some into condos or office space.

  3. LOVE that hat - SO envious! I LOVE travelling - lately it's been to old and familiar haunts, which is just fine - anything that gets me out of the routine is a welcome change. Hope you find just the right spot this summer, my friend!

    1. Hi Tanya,
      I love reading about your travels. You take really nice pictures.

  4. Sound like you have some great plans for summer trips. We have a few up our sleeve. We are going to La Scala Milan to see La Boheme in August. Friends in France have invited us to visit them in September so lots of fun in the air;
    Wishing you a very Happy Easter

  5. Hi Helen,
    Happy Easter!
    Your plans sound divine. Wish I could be there.


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