19 February 2015

Applique: Deer Silouhette

Tip...Adhere the sticky backed transfer paper Before cutting out the pattern
Here's why...

Over my blog break, I drew a deer silhouette on a plastic shipping bag* after looking at dozens of photos (on Google search) of patterns and actual deer. There are free silhouettes, but I want as original as I can get without shlepping through the woods to find a deer to sketch.
Using a paint spotted top, I then cut out the pattern from the fabric. Immediately I see a big problem. How do I applique it on a tee shirt like the one I saw last fall on Pinterest? Only then, as I held that floppy deer in my crafty hands, do I remember the process of applique. I laugh.
Not all is lost. I can hand baste a backing onto the fabric, turn it right side out, iron, and sew it on the top without using transfer paper. I'm thinking a contrasting thread in a blanket stitched edge might look nice.
Note... I later cut the fabric for more face shaping as the first try (photo) looks to me like a gravestone with ears and antlers.  I won't trim the antlers because I want them to be over sized. In the end, clothing a toss away from the rag bag will be transformed into a nifty fashion top, and I've had an interesting lesson in applique.

* I cut the shipping bags open, and tape them into mini tarps for craft and painting projects at the table.
Caution...Using a plastic tarp on the floor can be dangerously slippery.


  1. How fun - I also use the iron on Steam a Seam II (I think it might say Lite, too) for applique transfers. You have to iron that onto the wrong side of your fabric first, trace out your design on the paper, and then cut and peel off the paper backing to iron to whatever you are appliqueing. I like that product because it gives me JUST a small amount of stability, without being stiff! Can't wait to see this deer finished! XOXO

  2. Hi Tanya,
    Thanks for the recommendation.
    Another funny thing about this project is finding a shirt to put the silhouette on. There's several paint and bleach spotted tees to chose from.

  3. Your deer is looking good! I love doing applique using fusible web (in the UK we have Bondaweb) which is very quick and easy.
    Enjoy the next step of your applique :)
    Helen xox

    1. Hi Helen,
      Thank you. Fusible web is a term I remember. :)

  4. This is really cool, Maywin. Please show us your finished project.

    1. Hi Debra,
      Your great news starts my day out with big smiles.
      Thank you. I haven't found a top yet that matches color wise and scale. Its huge for the front of a tee shirt. lol


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