16 February 2015

Above the Snow Line

The clusters, of what looks like a type of hydrangea shrub, share their stems with delicate dangling flower like moth shapes. These dry frozen things in their various shades of brown feel to this blogger as if they are making statements above a crowded expanse of snow. A speech of seeing. Hail Spring!
All the snow in New England, especially south of here, creates thoughts about Nature...Here, this is what I can bring. Shall we discuss global warming after your hot toddie or before the ice melts off your shovel? Lemme know." Reply: "Yes, Nature, I will let you know, but no need to wait. Fill in here imaginative explicative(s).
This winter is a struggle to enjoy when there are so many not enjoying the white landscape. I pray for all those in the deep snow areas. Take care when shoveling; let somebody know you are out there; have cell phone handy; and Please don't over do it!
Ask for help.


  1. Ah Maywyn - you are right on friend with people taking care in this biting and dangerous cold. We have had a hard winter here but nothing like the North East. My heart goes out to the folks in Boston. Definitely feels like climate change or perhaps some heavenly signs!! Take care and stay warm and safe friend. Lovely photo!

  2. Hello Debbie,
    Your food pictures are really nice. I feel inspired to cook more today.
    Stay warm and have a great week!

  3. Sometimes snow can be an enemy, although here in London it is sufficiently rare to seem like a treat, at least when you have kids!

  4. Sometimes snow can be an enemy, although here in London it is sufficiently rare to seem like a treat, at least when you have kids!

    1. Hi Jenny!
      I think Boston might have some snow to share.

  5. We are counting down the weeks, days, minutes to spring.
    Still snowing here.. growing by the inch..
    kids at home.. out of milk and husband left the house only to return when the car kept skidding..
    no fun at all

    1. Hi Hena,
      I use to keep powdered and evaporated milk on hand in the winter just in case. They make a decent hot chocolate, but not so good in cereal. Stay warm and safe on those slippery roads.
      I would have turned around as well.

  6. Beautiful photo-and we have tons of snow here-it's been so cold on top of that! You stay warm and safe too!

  7. Hi Debra!
    Prayers your leg is healing well and you are able to get around.
    Thank you. The temp today was above zero, no wind, and lots of sun. Its amazing when its cold for so many weeks how a slight increase in temperature can feel so warm. lol

  8. How funny (well, not really) about having a cell phone handy (what a great tip) while shoveling snow! I have an 80 year old Dad who STILL insists on shoveling, and recently fractured his hip while doing just that for their 90 year old neighbor. He has a snow blower, but insists on using the shovel, while wearing tennis shoes with slick bottoms - ARGH!!!!!! He won't listen to any of us - I will have to send him this piece of advice. ;-) BTW, are those doves on your beautiful background? The are reading a little yellow and red on my silly computer, so just wondering - they're pretty wonderful - I love doves! XOXO

  9. Hi Tanya,
    Great post today. Prayers your father heals well.

    Thank you. The birds are doves. They do show up a bit pink and yellow on my computer. I wanted to go back and edit the photo. I forgot where its filed. lol


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