22 January 2015

Cold and Its a Thursday

     Its pretty nippy outside this week even with the sun shinning. Every day I plan a walk, and change my mind. Exercise in winter is important as any other time of year. The excuse one of my knees hurts isn't good enough. Later today, I will take a walk, and see how far I get.
     Meanwhile, last week was painting turned into sorting through stuff to set up for painting, and looking at the chestnut tree  photos I've taken to decide what side to paint. The other day I was outside (different light), looking..stunning moment...at the real live tree! Aha! There's the side to paint. .
     As I put my leg up to rest my knee, I've made this week new story ideas. This morning I have two, one a humour and horror, and the other what might be intrigue drama. If I had a computer with no Internet connection, and present day printers weren't made to chug ink, and, send usage stats to the manufacturer, then I'd use a computer to directly write there. As it is I write with paper and pen before using the computer. 
    A few short years ago, a goal was to publish on Amazon's Kindle program. Let's see, this is 2015...minus a few 3 or 4 years...since 2010? No, earlier than that... Kindle began in 2007. Eight years ago!
How long have you put off a potentially successful positive career goal dream?


  1. Exercise IS important, but if you've got ice the way we've got ice, it may be safer to do your exercising indoors for a while longer? Every day, only because it must be done, I reluctantly do the Penguin Waddle out to feed and water the critters, and even with cleats on my boots it's still so slippery I'd rather just stay safely indoors. Be careful, please! :)

  2. Hi Quinn,
    Love your post today about live web cams. Your goat photos made me laugh.
    Thank you for the good advice. Ice is the reason I changed my mind today for walking where I planned. There are places that are iffy ice to navigate, like the end of the driveway. Instead, for exercise, I puttered hand washing a few clothes. At night especially, wet clothes hanging up helps the humidity in here.


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