19 January 2015

Reading About Art

A 2015 goal of mine (made in 2014) is to read more about Dutch art. I brought out a box of ex-library art books purchased many years ago. I select one to that turns out to be Dutch art. Its a sign. At random, I open volume 7 to Gerard Dou (Dow) once an apprentice with Rembrandt.
A Woman Playing a Clavichord, G.Dou, 1665

The old Masters of Art, Volume 7, Dutch School, has no title page information or much text about Dou. The plates are in black and white. Thanks to WikiArt.org I can view the paintings in color. The bonus is a trip/exercise to the library is in order to find more about this 17th Century Dutch artist as well as searching online. My surprise is I don't remember his name. How can that happen? It happens when on looks, but doesn't read about the artist. His paintings are familiar.

Stop to smell the roses = Stop to read the artist


  1. i took art history in college. that is the extent of my interest in reading about art.. i may wiki something now and then but I have had my fill of reading about art.

    1. Hi Hena,
      I remember art history as a yawn course in memorizing dozens of pictures of artwork. Its not the same as an enjoyable read about art. Seeing a painting and learning more about the artist interests me as an artist because it opens new ideas and understanding.

  2. Enjoy your books. I love reading about art, so very enjoyable. I'm sure you'll pick up a new outlook xx

    1. Hi Pat,
      Love your recent frog on a lily pad painting.
      I have a few books about Dutch art I've collected over the years to read.


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