16 January 2015

Candy versus a Field of Fruit

By the time I see wild roses blooming in a field again, I will have lost thirty pounds. So why, one may ask, am I sitting beside a bag of mini York peppermint patties? Survival!
Tonight instead of baking, I can have a mint pattie to satisfy a sugar craving. Why not fruit or a nice chunk of celery?  A field of fruit won't calm a candy craving for me.
The key...One pattie and not the whole bag.

Have a Happy Week-end!


  1. Please tell me how you are losing weight. I need to desperately!! love to you,Diana

    1. Hi Diana,
      #1. Increasing exercise on purpose. I also schedule treats like pizza, pasta, and ice cream every other month. No butter, no sugar in tea and coffee, limited bread, fresh fruit or frozen, frozen veggies cooked, limited starch, baked chicken, turkey or ham, water, no red meat except for a burger sometimes, baked sweet potato, black bean chili, and oatmeal twice a week. I snack on frozen mango, Bing cherries, and when they are on sale, strawberries. Cravings at night, camomile tea or hot chocolate, baked apple with no sugar. Presently trying to end snacking on junk food. PS The mint patties method doesn't work. :)


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