16 December 2014

Twig Wall Tree

Going in another direction away from traditional winter holiday decorations can be both scary and overwhelming. Making notes and sketches helps open possibilities that can direct you to the final results.
This last year twig words seen on Pinterest exuded so much charm, I felt it was a must to look beyond the letters, that rustic atmosphere, and explore. When the competition between the primitive versus industrial struggle is so strong, extracting elements of both to form your own style takes determination, and more determination.
Gathering the twigs is easy. Once the decision which ones to use is made, the complicated design I had in mind fades away. What appears is a simple gathering of twigs put together with hot glue, painted with white gesso, and hung on the wall inside a vintage bureau mirror frame. After the holidays are over, the twigs might stay because they look good even without the Christmas ornaments.

Update, 13 June 2015...the Twigs and frame are still hanging on the wall, see below.


  1. Dear Maywyn - great decorations...always like to see what others are doing - hope you are having some fudge about now - was thinking if you were I would stop to visit!

  2. Hello Debbie,
    Thank you. The light in the tree area is difficult to capture a good photograph. The tree looks better than the picture. Fudge has to wait. Salt dough ornament time. :)

  3. Oh, Fun. !!! I love things like this... I once had a giant tree branch behind my bed. From floor to ceiling and then some.. I hung just a few things on it ... and it made me feel like I was sleeping outside.. !
    I have a picture and might post it in my 'Journey' blog ..

    1. Hello Barbara,
      I hope you do post the photo. A tree headboard is fantastic!
      The twig tree will remain as wall art without the ornaments after the holidays are over.
      Happy Holidays!


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