10 December 2014

Heavy Snow, Winter Woes & Deer

Yesterday's weather here was a mushy slush of a snowfall that left heavy wet snow on the ground. Scenery aside, its pretty difficult navigating by foot and wheel. Looking out the windows, this snow scene loving blogger sees screens and glass dotted with water and ice. Open the patio door for a feel of the air temperature is greeted by a no gutter drip line (that's like running through a sprinkler to get outdoors). The screen door opens because its off the bottom track that's filled with ice (that prevents the screen door from opening). The happiness is the sliding door opens instead of freezing shut like the old aluminum patio door.

Winter woes versus summer woes...winter wins for aggravation, and summer wins for...oh have another ice tea. Choices. Preparation. Enjoyment of what this planet Earth has to offer, winter is a challenge that can be easier with a few things stashed away like fresh batteries for all devices, a portable charger, flashlights, and an emergency kit in the car...flashlights, sand, shovel, chocolate, crackers, dry fruit, water, cough drops, tissue, towel, blanket, dry socks, extra gloves, hat and scarf, deicer, window washer fluid, hand sanitizer, and a nicely scented hand lotion. Consider taking the food stuffs indoors at night to prevent varmits from sniffing it out, especially if you are in a rural area or one where wildlife is nearby (which is just about everywhere nowadays).

Staying indoors browsing the Internet for fun or research or reading a good book while stew is on the stove is like an ice tea summer moment, cozy, relaxed and warm. Of course summer does have its bees and bugs. Not so fast...being on the Internet in winter (with an older computer system) can be as pesty when websites cram advertisements that dance around, and speak before spoken to hogging space, and slowing down the page loading. Years ago the Internet felt like a place (with beware of where to click), for oh look at that, look at this discovery. Today, it feels like a crowded get in your face bazare complete with shouting where everyone is trying to make a buck. Turn a not so great into a good, take that buck to another level...


  1. Dear Maywyn you had me smiling with all the things one needs for an emergency in the winter...I especially like the chocolate - no one should be without a stash of it somewhere. Better go check my supply before the snow arrives. Have a great day.

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Take it easy shoveling snow. I hope it isn't as heavy as it is here.
      There's a light snow here in Vergennes. I'm grateful we didn't lose our electricity here.
      Have a good day!


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