02 December 2014

Exercise for Health

     I was so naive. Who knew on this day over sixties years later I'd  start exercising each morning no matter what. Had I not loved coffee frappes, french fries, fried clams, fried eggs smothered in bacon, applesauce and ketchup on toast with home fries, then would I have been that thin to this day? I sigh.
     Possibilities in a changing world...When I daydream conversations with made up people that don't get it, I think of ways to build their esteem, point out their positive and wonderful aspects so they can see on their own that they do have the ability to understand. Even when you've been there, done that, felt that, understand that, are that, etc., there will always be those who refuse to acknowledge truths. I once showed a man a map with the correct street name (not the one he insists on). Yet, as we stand there with that very same street in view, landmarks clearly in place matching on the map, he insists that street is not that street. How does that happen when the person has a sharp mind?
     Such times bring me back to my The Little Prince moment where I huddle in my small space on planet Earth to look out at the world and back again. Contrast. What we are within, is what the World out there is. Begin. Here. At You. Healthy. Don't wait until after the holidays to exercise. Any day is a good day to begin a routine that can be scattered delightfully throughout the day. Your brain will thank you.

Note...This Saturday, 6 December 2014 is the full Moon.


  1. I think it's great that you have a real routine of exercise based on your own health and fitness. If I didn't have critters to be fed and watered, there are some mornings it would be quite a battle to force myself to get out and get doing.
    And I will now be craving fried clams until I have them again...a rare treat...possibly sometime next Autumn? ;)

    1. HI Quinn,
      Hope you are having a great week
      Back in the 1950s there us to be a Howard Johnsons restaurant (I think) on Solider's Field Road that had the best seafood. There use to be a decent frozen fried clam made. I haven't looked in years, since the aged health thing kicked in. lol


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