13 November 2014

Winter Themes: Pinecones & Evergreens

Decorating for the holidays can bring back memories as well as create new ones with natural materials that last all winter. Like the cabin woods atmosphere? Then pine cones and evergreens might be just the bit of decoration indoors that can extend a summer camping, hiking, bird watching, outdoors good time holiday  feeling.

A sprig of faux pine in a vase
Pinecone pajamas,draperies, pillows
Pine scented car deodorizer in a closet
Pine bubble bath
Pine cone topper on bed
Pine cone basket by the door
Faux evergreen swag over a door
Search the Internet for decorating ideas
For Artists...make winter the season you learn how to draw, paint, sculpt or sew the various kinds of pinecones and evergreen trees around the world.

Themes that cheer you up during the winter that carry a hint of holiday spirit with them, I feel, is a way of breaking the winter blues. In January here there will be a weekly project fueled by silly and simple creativity. Squirrels store nuts for winter. We can store happy things to do for our emotional health snacks along with brownies, brown bread with vanilla ice cream swirled with real grade B maple syrup, hot toddies, spiced hot chocolate, fluffy slippers...

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