20 November 2014

Watercolor Update: Squirrel on Tree

Changing from pencil to watercolor detail is scary because I'm use to a detailed drawing before adding color. I erase most of the pencil lines before touching the paper with brush. I haven't done that on this painting.

I'll use of acrylic white on the squirrel to achieve a bright white under belly hue.
The background is under consideration for change from a pressed tin siding on an old building to hills and mountains in the area.
I estimate horrible time wise. Maybe the painting will be finished in a few weeks.


  1. The painting is looking good so far!

    1. HI Pat,
      Thank you!
      It takes a lot of determination to do a larger than use to painting. It feels like a dozen small paintings on one page.

  2. I always think of watercolor as a medium requiring bravery!
    Enjoying watching your painting process :)

    1. Hello Quinn,
      Thank you.
      I'm grateful for the links to your knitting patterns. Your work is inspiring.


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