23 November 2014

Shine Up Your Golden

"A Girl Asleep," Johannes Vermeer, 1657
Art history is full of ages, eras, schools, waves of beautiful images building out of and on the last. The Dutch Golden Age of Painting, 1568 - 1648, warms this artist's heart. However, I don't know enough about the art or the artists to have an informed conversation. I read. I forget. I know sort of. Learning takes practice and reading up and viewing art is practice just like sketching can be practice. Therefore, I add study Dutch Art to my Winter List. And that means to the present day.

By definition one's golden years are when one is old about eighties +/-, retired years.  From another perspective, one might label a period in our youth as golden, when we were at our best, created our best, came into the best of who we are as artists or people. I believe those best years can continue throughout life. 
Like studying art, shine up your golden.


  1. Nice! And I agree, "best" is not time-constrained.
    I think, if our creative life is a landscape, there's gold in them thar hills!

    1. Hello Quinn,
      Thank you for the much needed laugh.

  2. I like your sentiments, here. It irks me when people talk about the past as being such a precious golden time, implying that the present can never measure up to what once was. But these times we are living right now, are going to be called golden some time in the future, too!

    1. Hello Katherine,
      So true! Knowing the present is golden makes the sun shine brighter.


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