24 November 2014

Seven Blogging Tips

"Reach," digital photo
The new blog to debut in January 2015 is an experience in planning. The brainstorm pages are branching out to wonderful areas that will help in not becoming bored with blogging. Advanced preparation can ease up the pressure of posting. A varied schedule sets your blog brain voice to those times when you chose to listen. 

1.  Plan 4 months in advance
2.  Select number of posts per week. (New blog...3 x week alternating between Mon/ Wed/Sat, and Tues/Thurs/Sat.)
3.  Weekly feature...a recipe, a photograph, a poem, fashion, science, travel
4.  Tie into seasonal themes and holidays
5.   Monthly feature
6.  Make a list of ideas, research, write
7.  Schedule posting date and time a week in advance, and, check each posting to make sure there's no glitch.

Whether you post daily, a few times a week or once a week, taking control over the content of your blog is a power move in your favor. Planning/divide and conquer blogging might help cure those blog boredom slumping blues...


  1. Dearest Maywyn - I think your blog is going to be awesome. Love the fact that you are giving lots of thought to everything. Going to think about how I can do mine better too. Hope you have a delightful day. Hugs!

    1. Hello Debbie,
      Good luck with your blog changes. Its fun to brain storm new ideas.
      Each week in January I've made up a new soup to try, and then post about. Now I keep having visions of home made French onion soup. lol


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