20 November 2014

Looking Back on the Old Theme

The roses on the old wrought iron fence is the photo that I created the first banner for Maywyn Studio. Old fashion roses are delicate like the pages of a vintage black paper photograph album. They hold  memories. They are comfortable. They are like old friends returning to say hello.
Then why not take them into a theme for an entire page layout, blog theme?
Methinks because likes, favorites, must haves may satisfy a mood or moment, but they aren't the face of my entire persona. Roses, after all, are sort of girlie in a vintage sense from the days of powder puffs, nylons, lipstick, dresses, and rayon slips with delicate factory made lace.
The problem is how does one represent their You of you in all parts?
Look at the photo. Rose petals. Blush.Wrought Iron. Rust. 
The rustic you + delicate of you = You.
Create a partnership of the elements that represents you the most.
Select words that represent those you components best. 
Delicate can be a color, object, thought, even a quote.
Rustic can be a cabin or loft, a shoe or boot, a tree or flower, a color or shape.
Then build a theme around that partnership.
Inspect how your blog is representing you, and tweak things if necessary.
Surely I can't be the only blogger that struggles with names, titles and themes.
Can I?


  1. Dear Maywyn - I enjoyed visiting your past banner. Never really considered a theme for my blog when I started out. It has evolved slowly and perhaps come spring I will change it again. Such a great thought that many things make us up to who we are. Also the girl I was in my twenties is not altogether the same woman I am in my 50's. Time has a way of maturing us in more ways than one! Hope you are staying toasty. By the way I love your new blog banner. Very unique. Hugs

    1. Hello Debbie,
      I love you photos of snowfall in Ohio.
      Thank you. I look at other blogs, and find I seem to like simple statements like yours, all colors and arrangements with the same feeling of peace when the page opens.


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