18 November 2014

Bottle Caps & Pumpkin

I found a box of bottle caps I've been saving for a bunting. What I forgot to do is store the string in with them. I looked and looked. All the string I have and nary a bit to be found. The idea is to hot glue two caps together with the string in the middle for an ornament bunting. And here I thought I was being good getting it out in November as opposed to the last minute in December.
Found two days later

The frost on the pumpkin is really last week-end's slushy snow, but it counts as the first snowfall of the season in my backyard. There hasn't been much going on here. I've been busy sorting, painting furniture and trying to work on the squirrel watercolor.

Searching online for a free template in the simple style I want for the new blog (January debut) is frustrating. One minute I say I'll write the code, and the next I'm looking at pretty templates online. I'm going to take my own advice and put it all on paper first.


  1. If your like most areas today...you have lost the pumpkin in a snow pile. I hope you will post bottle cap bunting when you find string...it looks interesting.

    1. Hi Dee,
      No snow here at this elevation.
      Stay warm!


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