15 November 2014

An Upside of Fluffy Slippers

     I've tried. Really, I have tried to stay in my pajamas all day, mostly, to see how long I can stand it. On a day when I'm on the computer, (where you know time flies), first thing before coffee, then I might not change to day clothes for a few hours. Last week my new fluffy Sporto slippers arrived. I can wear them with socks without having to shove my feet back into them with every step I take. They are uber doober comfortable! And when you put them with normal matching top and bottom pajamas, instead of cut off flannels and a tee shirt, your whole aura glows happiness. You might not, but that's all right (prayer and meditation might help).

     Today is Saturday! As a kid Saturday mornings were cartoon, cereal, and sometimes pajama wearing hours. The only occasion night clothes were worn after sunrise is when we were sick.
     This morning, not sick, (aching as usual though), at about a late 7 AM Eastern time, I put on my new fluffy Sporto slippers. At the computer before coffee, I begin looking up a bunch of stuff and get an idea! A way to get out of a blog slump (like the one I've been in), isn't always a matter of tweaking graphics, posting something new or taking a break. An Upside can be to start a new blog. Slumping isn't always in one direction. A person can still like other things, be enthused about other things. If artwork isn't going so well, then consider other areas like fabric, knitting, food, or fashion.

    One miss after another, on the domain name hunt, I think of my favorite things list. I try two words together. Do they make sense? Are they uplifting? Is there blogging potential? Would I read a blog by that title? Can I blog like that here without changing the style? These questions float around trying to find a place to fit in my brain. The next move, I begin the design phase that's easier with the available templates here on Blogspot that can anchor a new blog until a template and artwork are ready. With that on its way, I chose a first subject to post about that helps explain the name and direction of the blog. During that research process, I jot down more ideas. Before the new blog's debut, I have about five posts to research and write.

        How's the blog slump feel? Weird. Its after 12 noon and I'm still in my pajamas! Who knew such an outfit could help the creative process. Now, to shower and dress before working on the squirrel watercolor that's twice the size of what I'm use to painting.

Have a great Saturday!

This is not a sponsered post.


  1. Those slippers seem to be travelling shoes for you...you've been travelling in lots of different directions and exploring new places today without ever having to step outdoors - which is kind of nice when it's this cold!
    Looking forward to seeing how the squirrel progresses :)

    1. Hi Quinn,
      Temperature outdoors tonight is the lowest I've seen this season. My fluffy boots will be traveling. lol
      Have a great week-end!

  2. Oh Maywyn - I need some slippers like those - funny you talked about pajamas and wearing them all day. Was thinking it has been years since I had pajama day - can't remember when. Even when I am sick I usually try to get dressed. Maybe come January I can just take a vacation day and stay in jammies and slippers. Thanks for planting that seed of an idea. See what your blogging has done. Good luck in your new blog and your endeavors. I will be waiting to check it out! Have a great week.

    1. Hi Debbie,
      I love your description, Pajama Day! Maybe we bloggers can all have it on the same day, a Saturday? Please think about it.
      This year I bought a a couple of lounging sets, knit matching top and pants that's a bridge between pajamas and street clothes.
      Thank you. The new blog, if all goes as planned, will debut in January. I'm trying to build (write the code) my own template. That will take a while. lol


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