01 October 2014

Welcome October 2014

Snake Mountain, Addison, Vermont (view from Route 17)

Here in Vermont this month the foliage colors are moving towards peak. In the higher elevations I see orange already. At this lower elevation closer to Lake Champlain, the maple reds appear super vibrant; and overall, the turning trees are patchy in places, a splash of color here and a lot of green there.
Alas, the yearly large flock of geese at Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area have yet to gather near the viewing area. I expect the next two weeks will be spectacular foliage season in many places, and geese viewing will be better.

In my field of moving boxes, they are turning into flat pieces falling by the recycle bins, along with flat folded packing papers tucked into the receptacles. It has been at times overwhelming trying to balance things to do with things that must be done. The goal is to unpack to permanent places as opposed to rushing to shove things into wherever there's space. In a week all the unpacking should be finished. At present, I'm working or sorting books to donate and put in the recycle bin, (an all day project). However, I'm taking a break to photographing some trees later on under mostly cloudy skies.


  1. I applaud your approach to unpacking, and will try it if I ever move again. Putting things where they will belong is definitely the way to go!
    Enjoy your photographing :)

    1. Hi Quinn,
      Thank you. Its not a glamorous method to unpacking, though. I have stations where I drop off stuff for later when I am finishing that drawer, cabinet or closet. There is a bit of "Now where did I just see that?" :)
      Happy October!


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