18 October 2014

Tips on Making Twig Letters

On Pinterest I found a pin for making words with twigs. Its one of the top 3 that are re-pinned the most after a white rose cupcake, and Clive Standen as Rollo, fight scene with Jarl Borg played by Thorbjørn Harr, on the History Channel's Vikings television drama, Season 2: Brother's War.

I've worked with twigs before attaching them to cigar boxes using hot glue. Here are some tips that have helped me:

  • Assemble on a self-healing cutting mat 
  • Mark size lines with tape for reference
  • Tape twigs to mat when applying the glue
  • Tape support under twigs to keep them even and stable
  • Soak branches to be curved like O and C*
  • Have a clear space to put each letter when its done

  • Score all around twig break points so the bark doesn't rip off
  • Gently half break for a V like in M or V or N
  • Add a bit of hot glue to the break

*UPdate twig in a tonic bottle...bendablity increased, the curvability didn't. It broke. Tip...use pliable branches like weeping willow or wild grapevines for curving letters.

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