28 October 2014

The Fascination of Tree Bark

What is it about old scraggly tree bark that provokes creativity? The rustic rough vibe capturing the imagination that speaks of mystery and challenge? The moss! It opens a forest of magical ideas that envelope a primal instinct something is there for us, and We are an ingredient of that formation.
Dare say, I have no idea what kind of tree that is in the photograph. I suspect a type of chestnut. It has a beautiful sugar maple shape with a wider spread.  Its time to take a break from the unpackingnado, clean off the table, and paint...after I go outside to take another photo of the tree.

 The leaf looks like a chestnut tree to me.
Check out the website for the
American Chestnut Foundation


I haven't seen or found any chestnuts near or on the tree.
There are various reasons why a chestnut tree doesn't bare fruit.
For information on the subject check out the
Washington Chestnut Company


  1. Dear Maywyn - these are great photos. I agree about the tree bark...it certainly inspires me. Here in Ohio years ago there was a blight that killed all our chestnut trees. Glad to see there are still some remaining. My thought is that they need one of each sex to bare fruit. Perhaps that is why this one is not. Have a super day.

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Thank you. I believe that is what's going on with that chestnut tree, no pollination. I don't recall seeing flowers on that tree. There are at least two chestnut trees here in town that produce chestnuts. One does have a large section that's dead. Carrying a buckeye/chestnut in your pocket is suppose to bring good luck according to an old Ohio wife's tale.

  2. You would make a wonderful back road wandering companion...we see the world pretty much the same way. :)

    1. Hi Dee,
      Oh for sure! When I get to MI someday next year, we might be able to do that.
      I look forward to it.

  3. lovely blog! i found you thrue friend Dee...

  4. Beautiful...thanks so much for sharing. :)


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