02 October 2014

Photos Out & About

Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area

Corn waiting for geese?
This is a favorite photograph. The corn stalks look like soldiers.

Asters in the field
I took photos for later reference as the light was not what I was looking for. Leaving earlier was the plan.

View while chomping on a fantastic cheese Danish and  fresh decaf coffee

There has been morning fog recently. I hope to get out today for photos before its gone if there is any this morning.


  1. Dear Maywyn - wonderful photos. It doesn't look too different in your part of the world than it does in mine. Don't you love those soft lavender asters that bloom this time of the year. They are so pretty with goldenrod. Ah there is something special about a foggy morning...generally turns out to hold a beautiful day! Hope yours was - sure that cheese danish and coffee went a long way in making it good! (LOL)

    1. Hello Debbie,
      Thank you. The asters make the whole scene autumn.

  2. They are lovely Maywyn, but that cheese danish sounds even better. Ohhh.love,Diana

    1. Hello Diana,
      The cheese Danish was fantastic, lots of cheese and filling.

  3. Boy, those are some beautiful shots...LOVE the last one - I would have had to drop everything from my hands, so KUDOS to you, if you managed the shot through the Danish and Coffee! Happy Friday, May - Tanya

    1. Hello Tanya,
      I still think about that Danish, and the coffee. I'm trying dairy free. But if I want coffee with cream, then I have to go out to buy it at the store. :)
      Happy Friday to you!


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