22 October 2014

Chicken Stew & A Route 7 View

A Route 7 View, New Haven, Vermont
First thought of my day is to  make chicken stew. The pan is in the cabinet next to the stove. The cover to the pan isn't. All the boxes have been unpacked. I don't remember seeing the lid. More searching. (Afterall, I did find the hair dryer in the coat closet with the boots.) A large fry pan cover works. Chicken stew thoughts move forward, and I with my oatmeal and blueberries breakfast.
Outdoors winds are massaging the trees with a confirming autumn chill. The damp and cold are all right as long as they don't turn into sleet. To me, sleet is like lima beans...evil.
Ah, I'm reminded of my new mantra...Complain Less. Enjoy life More. This morning I Google those words and find a wonderful and inspirational blog by Julie Sunne.

I am where I am suppose to be, doing what I'm meant to do...blog and make chicken stew.

The other day I was taking pictures along Route 7 on the way to Middlebury, Vermont. Big old trees in yards fascinate me, the history they've been part, their personalities. After the stew is simmering, I have writing plans and later a watercolor.

Plans. Life is like unpacking. I see it more each time I move a pile of stuff to find something. Yesterday I packed up a box of things to mail, and started another re-discovering things along the way. I've spent more time now thinking about my stuffs to not have them, than I did when they were purchased or found. If the reverse had been the case, then I wouldn't have so much to deal with in this downsizing quest for minimalism.
Chicken Stew


  1. chicken stew sounds deliciously perfect! It's a raw, wet day here and I had leftover lentil stew for breakfast. May have a fire tonight.
    By the way, I wasn't kidding about the socks!

    1. Hi Quinn,
      You knit gorgeous socks! Thank you, but I'm sadly allergic to wool.
      The stew turned out better than expected, I think because I added a bit of marjoram for a change.
      I hope your goats are cozy and warm as goats can be on blustery days.


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