19 September 2014

Fluffy Scramble Eggs

Water 1 Tablespoon
Pancake mix 2 teaspoons, adjust to your preference
Bowl, whisk or fork, oil, fry pan, spatula, stove, regular cooking stuff

Stir pancake mix in water and add to eggs. Beat them like you do for scrambled eggs. Cook as a scramble egg pancake. For two eggs you can cook the mix in two pourings.

Top with maple syrup or your favorite preserve. They are great with apple butter. I tried this on my own before finding recipes online. The possibilities for variety are fantastic, adding saute onion, pepper or fresh greens, and such. My goal is to try and fill them with fruit as they cook.
If you have already, then tell us how they are.  Do you have a favorite fluffy egg?


  1. That's a new one for me-I've never heard of a fluffy egg. Sounds good though-bet my hubby would love it!

    1. Hi Debbie,
      I look forward to your next Pointy Dog Studio video.
      Usually fluffy eggs mean adding milk or water to scramble eggs. The pancake mix makes them genuinely fluffy. lol

  2. I've not heard of this, and I'll just bet it's so yummy!
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi Lisa,
      I discovered the recipe when I didn't have enough pancake mix for a decent size pancake. I tossed a bit with water into the scramble eggs instead. Whala! It should be named Big Eggs because they can be quite fluffy! For New Englanders (Boston area at least) there's more surface to put the ketchup on. :)
      Have a great week-end

  3. I love scrambled eggs, but this recipe is a new one I haven't heard of before! It sounds delicious, thank you for sharing it.
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

    1. Hi Helen,
      Your blog is so inspiring, I got up and started painting. :)
      Its amazing pancake mix in scramble eggs isn't more popular.
      A Happy Week-end to You!

  4. I have a favorite puffy egg, does that count? Eggs mixed with a little flour and water, baked in a skillet in a small ocean of melted butter...puffy, buttery, yum.

    1. Hi Quinn,
      Yes! Your egg is about the same thing without the sugar and stuff that's in the pancake mix. I'll try your recipe in one of my cast iron fry pans. It sounds delicious. Baked, it should be easy to put fruit in the middle, sauted apples so they're softer.


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