04 August 2014

Reflection Monday August 2014

Pecking about on the lawn, the local pigeon flock is a delight to watch. Reflecting on their movements reminds me of blog reading, milling about the Internet from one to the other, by subject or by chance via Pinterest.
The other day I was looking for a coral lipstick on Pinterest. Afterwards, the Pinterest page I view has lots of lipstick pins. That many people pinning that soon?

I move on to something else because I know in that  small world of sharing, unlike the other social media websites, I will find a variety of interesting things even if I don't find the specific item I'm searching for.
If something vintage or unusual is wanted, then I use to browse eBay (before looking at a search engine's Images). Now, I also browse Pinterest. The more I am there, the more members follow me as well as like, and chose pins of mine to pin. There is an issue where photo credits aren't always carried along with the pin, copyright thing. I try to look them up and add them when possible.

Will Pinterest become bogged down with advertising pins? I believe to some small degree, that can happen as people learn the value of their product's exposure on Pinterest. There is a feature to report spam and other violations. Normally, the areas you pin will show up more on the page presented to you when  you click on the Pinterest name at the center top of the page. What might feel like spam is actually you. A balance of Likes and folder categories will create more variety on your page.
Will the program change to generate more income? That is the question that worried me. There is an interesting article on Business  Insider dot com, "Pinterest Takes Huge Step Towards Finally Making Money With New Analytics Tool," and, on the Wall Street Journal, "Pinterest CEO Lays Out Growth Plan, Sees Revenue in 2014." I'm not worried anymore about Pinterest's plans for the future.

A good plan for a blogger, is to keep up with the news on the websites one networks with to understand where on the landscape of blogging one is as well as might want to go. If you put a lot of time into your blog, then have space for building that asset to a healthy position. Be real. Go with what interests you. Stay true to your goals. Look around and within. Feel slumped? Browse online templates. Read other blogs. Go back and read your own blog.


  1. It is hard to keep up with all the long as it stays fairly simple and not personally invasive I will continue to enjoy the websites and blogs.

    1. Hi Dee,
      I agree. I like it simple as well.

  2. Everyday there is something new. Facebook has become insane.. so crowded with sponsored posts and other random things that when M was tagged in some pictures of a recent outing they never made my news feed..

    Simpler is better. else i'm just trying to play catch up

    1. Hi Hena,
      My photograph arrived! I looking forward to the renovations here being finished so I can have it on the wall.
      I agree, simpler is better. I opt out of ads whenever I can.

  3. I have resisted the Pinterest craze, thus far...hope your Coral Lipstick search netted you something fabulous! XOXO

    1. Alas, Tanya, I think coral is one of those lipstick colors that has to be found in the store. Nothing I see online brightens up my heart. I might try mixing lipsticks.

      You can join Pinterest and not pin anything, just look at the pretty pictures, and laugh.


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