13 August 2014


In June 2013 I wrote about my service camera. In this last year, things have evolved where I feel more comfortable not recording my (near) every step. I wish I could analyze where the process began exactly, but I can't. Time healing? Getting accustomed? Mind somewhere else? Being more selective? All of the above. More so, methinks, I'm being more selective. If something catches my attention that might make a good photo, then I might stop and take pictures or I might not.

I'm going to try...selecting my best pictures, and then write critiques for each from a technical composition perspective. Thinking about composition is that way versus mental images while painting, drawing, and such can open creative possibilities. Keeping up with art terms is a pleasant bonus.
Think about that, as an artist could you just get up at a picnic and give a lecture about composition as part of the regular conversation/without preparation?
I thought about it just now. And to my surprise, I think I can, not with all the technical art terms, but enough to please most of the audience. I think most artists can as well, and probably do better. Try the next time you're doing dishes or loading the dish washer, to give yourself a little talk aloud about composition. Imagine it as speaking to a small group of friends and family.


  1. I am very bad when it comes to public speaking. I do not think I could get up and talk about anything. But it's something worth thinking about.

    1. Hello Loree,
      At a picnic it would like telling freinds a story.Think picnic.
      Just the words public speaking scare me. :)

  2. Dear Maywyn - I usually need to practice what I am going to say before delivering a speech...otherwise one doesn't know what might pop out of my head (LOL). The photo of the dog is wonderful. I like black and white pictures. Make me think of something vintage. Have a great day my friend.

    1. Hello Debbie,
      Practice makes perfect. lol
      Thank you. A 2013 photo, the dog was too cute to pass by.
      Have a great week


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