10 August 2014

Old Gardens, New Gardens

Balsam 2013

     Last year was the last to garden in my small space near the backyard deck until 2015 (with limited space). With changes reported to be happening that year, I cut back on the plants, and allowed what grew from seed to flourish.  I miss the balsam this year, the morning glories, cosmos and mint.  I expect the bees, birds, and garden snakes miss them as well.
     The hedgerow is gone with only a strip of rich dark soil there now. New landscaping will be done in September.
The gardens were small, but big on color, variety, and beauty.


  1. What a pretty flower this is, May.
    Happy Sunday to you!

  2. Happy Sunday to Monday to you Lisa!
    I hope you have a fantastic week

    Thank you. The story goes the balsam are what flowered from a seed packet for impatiens. I had planted them in a hanging basket, and knew when they didn't hang something was up. The seed pods are similar. Balsam flower along the main stem, and can grow to more than 2 feet.


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