11 August 2014

Monday Musings

Up just after 3 AM feeling rested, puttering around, snacking and writing feels right. Last night, taking pictures of the beautiful full Moon was a treat. Eventually, the computer lights up, read the weather, news, blog, and more browsing. At dawn, hang out a hand wash, and set down to write. I wrote myself into thinking to begin another story when the question arises: Is it fair to start another when so many aren't finished?
Yes, writing a new story is always fair (for me).
To be comfy with that decision, I lift up a favorite story memory and begin in the same town. I string along recent experiences, and toss them into a pile of letters on the paper. Then, I fall asleep (for an hour plus later that morning). At almost 2000 words, the character(s) had breakfast, shopped, met up to wallpaper (I love pictorial wallpaper done with several colors.) two rooms in a two bedroom with sun room turned sleeping porch cottage, consume a gluten free pizza lunch, and visit a salvage warehouse.

What next? They start to look at each other with a different perspective as they pick through architectural relics. Then its time for dinner and back to the cottage to take photographs of the Moon.

I've chosen the title, The Cottage at Parsley Rune.


  1. I often have several stories going at once. Whenever the spirit moves, that is when we write. Many of my stories are left hanging with no conclusion for quite some time! I think ending the tale is the most challenging part of writing.

    1. Hello Jeri,
      You write so well, its always a pleasure to read your blog. Its like a mini shorty story. I agree, the ending a tale is challenging.

    2. sorry...that should be short story


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