27 August 2014

Learning: The Laptop

Uploaded digital photo...yay me!
If stress is at hand in an elevated amount, then memory, concentration, and thought processes might experience technical difficulties (for a short period of time). This can be especially true learning how to use your first laptop.

Such is what this person has been dealing with. I put aside tasks for later, when my brain is free to deal with the confusion expectation factor. As I was going over in my mind what the day will be like, I realized transferring photos from a camera to a laptop is the same as to a CPU set up. Duhness at its finest.

How to prevent or reduce the hassles? Make a list. Place priorities from the top on how you operate as in what things you will need to have at hand beginning with your most important devices like a cell phone and contact list and how they relate to your laptop.
List the programs you want to download. View tutorials the system offers new and old. Technology upgrades so often, missing little changes can cause big headaches. Above all, don't be in a rush. Take it slow and easy. Much of what I've learned has been through things popping on the screen when I was going slow enough to pay attention. The oh-look-at-that can be quite a charming teacher.


  1. Wow - I don't envy you at all in this task, but it sounds like you're handling it like a pro. I have taken to keeping all my photos and important "stuff" on a thumb drive. Mainly to free up space on my computer, but also (because I had one come thisclose to crashing before we got a new computer) my important documents. Keep at it - I'm sure those headaches will lessen as you go! XOXO

    1. Hi Tanya,
      Thumb drive same as a flash drive, I think. I'm buying one next trip to the store. Already I've experienced slow downs editing photos.
      Pop up notice need to close PC save your work. What for I don't know. That's a learning bit I'd rather do without.


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