01 August 2014

Ice Cream: When is a Float a Float?

A float is a float when the ice cream floats in the soda, root beer, cola, orange, cream soda, birch beer, grape, ginger ale and such.

Does that mean a packed glass of ice cream with barely room for the soda isn't a float?
No. Its a float-in-waiting.
The wait happens as one consumes enough ice cream for the remainder to float. Note, you might have to add soda for the floating action to be fully appreciated.

My favorite ice cream float is with root beer and coffee ice cream. Maple ice cream and grape soda is also a treat. Substitutes for root beer can be cream soda or birch beer.

Do you have a favorite ice cream float combo?


  1. Root Beer and Vanilla ice cream, and whether or not it's considered a float, mine is ALWAYS packed with ice cream!! :-)

    1. Hi Lisa,
      Packing the glass with ice creams gives the root beer time to adjust. :)

  2. LOVE root beer floats, but did consume a Diet Coke/Vanilla IC float in waiting the other night - first one in a LONG time...and it was pretty wonderful!

    1. Hi Tanya,
      You are brave drinking diet soda. Vanilla cola I with vanilla ice cream is good.


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