29 August 2014

Found Object Collections

Along your travels you may find yourself being fascinating with an object you feel might be useful for an art project. As time goes on, those objects make it easier to save more things. Methinks with a smile,  past positive experiences are the wings of Permission, to indulge in similar behavior.

The results are little collections of stuff. For example, the rings under the cap of plastic milk bottles (mentioned in a post years ago). I've been collecting them for +/- five years. The string is over a yard long, bunched up. Like an geoarchaeologist, I can tell from the ring colors where in my evolution I changed to no fat milk from 2% and 1% fat content; and where I decided to add paint by rolling them in acrylics to make patterns on paper (not a good idea). For bunting making, I began saving the plastic strapping on large packages, and plastic bottle caps for spacers. Tin can lids for whatever, think Steampunk. Yogurt cups with the plastic label removed for outdoor holiday ornaments (cute bells). They can also be stacked and used for making armatures for sculptures.

The problem with small stuff collections can be when to stop. "Oh, I can use this someday,"  can create a lot of clutter. (Seriously, cluttter does look and feel better with 3 tees.) A signal to stop is when you either haven't used them or there's no space left to justify keeping them. Whatever you do, I encourage you to Not Throw Away. Give them (washed and clean) to somebody else that can use them. Brain storm ideas on what to make with them before you release your collection to the vast wherever. Or...keep on collecting...for a short while longer.

 This recent temporary move has me looking at the nearly 100 yogurt cups with a different attitude. Yet, I keep saving them. Who knows, someday they might be encased in plastic as a headboard with all those milk bottle rings inside them.

Happy Collecting!


  1. Happy Collecting, back atcha'! LOVE those mustard colored shoes!!! XOXO

  2. Hi Tanya,
    The shoes are Nike Air Cole Haan, waterproof, and a great eBay find.
    Have a Great Labor Day Week-end!

  3. Dear Maywyn - your post made me consider all the weird things that I keep as well and why. Recycling is always good before tossing something. Also what is junk to one is a treasure to others. You know all this organizing you are doing is making me think I need to be cleaning out some cupboards and drawers as well. Hugs - have a great week-end.

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Your lovely post bidding farewell to August makes it easier to let summer go.
      Have a safe and happy Labor Day Week-end!


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